Athletic Clearance (required to play)

All sports paperwork will be done online at There will be no more paper packets to turn in. Your ticket to try out is your online clearance. Please make sure all steps below are completed prior to participation.



  1. Visit

  2. Watch the short tutorial video.

  3. Create an account. A parent/guardian must register with a valid email address and password.

  4. Login

  5. Select “New Clearance” to start.

  6. Complete all required fields for student information, educational history, medical history, and consent.

  7. A parent/legal guardian AND athlete must electronically sign the consent forms.

  8. Upload your doctor signed sports physical (download here       ).  If you are unable to upload it please bring a hard copy to the Athletic Director.

  9. Print and sign the confirmation message. A parent/guardian AND athlete must sign this form.

  10. The deadline to return this form to the Athletic Director is before the tryout date.

  11. When the online clearance process has been completed and the confirmation message has been turned into the Athletic Director, you will have finished the clearance process.

  12. An email will be sent to the parent email address provided on Athletic Clearance informing you that you are cleared to try out.



Once you have been cleared for one sport, most of the information you have entered will be retained in the system. To register for an additional sport follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Athletic Clearance with your original email and password.

  2. Select the year, school and new sport you wish to try out for.

  3. Most of your information will auto fill.

  4. Complete the medical information again.

  5. Complete steps 9-12 above.


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