Coaches Requirements



Starting the summer of 2019 you will be required to do the online clearance process.

Go to




All certifications MUST be uploaded into the certification section

Here is what you will need to be cleared by Helendale School District:

1. Application (from district office)

2. DOJ/FBI Fingerprints (from district office) (only once unless you change districts)

3. Fundamentals in Coaching:   (One time only)

4. TB Test (form from district office) (Every 2 Years)

5. CPR/First Aid (We do not accept online courses) (every 2 years)

6. Concussion In Sports.  (every 2 years)

7. Sudden Cardiac Arrest: (every 2 years)

8. Heat Prevention: (every 2 years)

9. Mandated Reporter 

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